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I was on CBC TV last night for a few seconds.  My words were also played on a few radio spots.  I said that I'd attended every event in the campaign and Erin Peters hadn't, so people were obviously voting for the party, not the candidate they didn't know.  One person said that I sounded frustrated.  This is absolutely not the case.  I was stating facts, but with absolutely no rancour.

The broadcast bits were a small snippet out of a long conversation where I repeatedly and explicitly stated that I had nothing negative to say about the results or Erin.  I heard a fair bit of negativity during the campaign from voters, blaming her for not showing up.  I always corrected them.  That's not what Erin signed up to do.  The NDP riding association couldn't find a candidate so Erin agreed to allow her name to be used as an out-of-riding paper candidate.  That was the deal and I absolutely respect her for that.  The final numbers reflect the will of the voters and they voted nationally. Read more »

We did it!

This was a massive Green win.  We all know that long ago the party made getting Elizabeth elected priority #1.  The gamble paid off.

The Green media coverage for the last two weeks nationally was minimal to nil because Elizabeth was in Saanich--Gulf Islands and as a knock-on effect from the debate exclusion.  That hurt across the country because the national campaign counts for about 85% of the vote.  The whole context will be different in the next election.  Greens finally have a voice that cannot be denied, and a powerful one.

We sacrificed a large number of pawns to get one to the far end of the board.  Now she's a queen and that's a game-changer.  The trade-off was absolutely worth it.

My deep thanks to everyone who helped in the campaign with their time and money.  Thanks also for the words of encouragement I’ve received from so many directions.  Greens have a vision and a path.  Last night we took a tremendous step along it.

There are many more steps to go.  I hope that we'll take them together.

May in your house

Thinking of strategic voting?

Then see what Peter Bevan-Baker has to say.


It's time to vote Green

See if you can pick out John Hogg 7 seconds into the video.

Reality Check - Polling and the NDP Surge from

Note: EKOS is the only pollster to ask questions about the Green Party. Hmmmmm.



John Hogg Victory Party, Monday May 2nd

Monday May 2nd, 8:30 PM to whenever, Graffiti's Italian Eatery, Kanata Avenue, Kanata Ontario


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John Hogg Gets a Nod on

John was interviewed by

Here are some highlights(or read the full article):

On Getting Into Politics:

“Somebody has to be a voice – if not me, then who?” said Hogg. He said it’s not enough to just talk about why green is good, but action needs to happen...

“It’s not just two years, four years, but 10, 20 years,” he said. “The Green Party sees the future.”

He also appreciates that the Green Party is different than other parties in the entire approach to politics. Instead of looking at large issues, they rally for issues that are smaller and decentralized, and encourage parties to work together.

He used the example of biofuel – instead of focus on increased production; there should be a focus on using less. And they should be looking at ways to mix more environmentally friendly power sources – such as wind farms and solar power – in with more traditional and reliable forms.

Green Party Rolling 'Round Town

Just a little over a week left. The Green Party candidates in the region will be using OCTranspo not just to get around, but to get the word out. Keep an eye out for the Green Party Bus ads!

Left to right: John Hogg, Jen Hunter, Mark Mackenzie, Sylvie Lemieux, and Paul Maillet

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